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October 31, 2005

I went to go see her today (living at my mothers house for now) and she is very much afraid and in great anxiety about the relatively minor operation tomorrow.  She’s getting stints put in her heart in preparation for a mastectomy Thursday. 


She was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in 1991, and being that she’s deathly afraid of operations and treatments, she opted for a needle biopsy and called it a day.  In 2000, the lump in her breast came back with a vengeance and she was pretty much forced into having a mastectomy because the lump was the size of a lemon.  She never had any treatment for the cancer itself.


Now in 2005, the cancer came back into the other breast [I’m leaving all the other drama out] and is now again forced into getting this taken care of.  She’s 80. 


Ways of Dealing

October 30, 2005

Stress is an interesting thing.  It creeps up on you when you least expect it like a virus, and sticks to you like super glue, and with you like a bad habit.  Ignoring it is rarely a good idea, its something that must be fought and dealt with.

I made the mistake of ignoring it.  Devouring it like it was dessert and I just let it sit like a brick in my system.  Instead of working it off and out of my body, it held it inside until it started to eat away at my body.  Like tooth decay, like an ulcer, like a worm it drilled little holes in my body until I count take it anymore. 

So how do you get rid of it?  Is there a cure?